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Video Door Phone Installation

The crime rate is increasing day by day all over the world and to ensure your home to be safe from intruders There are various devices are available in the market which ensures that your belongings are intact and one of the easy to operate and economical is the Video Door Phone Installation system. Video Door Phone is a standalone device primarily used in the entrance of the building, residential complex, home etc.Video Door Phone Installation can help you to pre-identify your visitor coming to you before opening the gate. Hence provides the next level of safe wall between a visitor and homeowners.

Video Door Phone with lock can help you to digitally observe, what is happening outside the door or home and it also provides a facility to remotely open your gate lock from the same Video Door Phone using an electric door lock attached with it.

This Video Door Phone is smart enough to equip with your other security devices such as sirens, electronic door lock, motion detection to provide you optimal security from intrusion. These types of smart and latest Video Door Phone is having two parts. One is for outside having high-resolution night mode pinhole camera, mic. Otherside side is having a TFT monitor and mic along with a door unlock button .outdoor panel is installed at the entrance of the premises which have an IR activated night vision micro camera, a mic with a waterproof enclosure.

Now from inside the homeowners can view the visitor on TFT attached to the indoor unit and also can communicate to the visitor without physical presence and even open the gate remotely which is electronically attached with the door phone by cable or wirelessly.There are several of models available for Video Door Phone System like for one storey building or multiple storey building. For multi storey buildings each flat is given a particular code. Visitor need to push that particular code to communicate with the desired insider. each flat will have their own TFT monitor on which they can view the visitor and grant and deny the access.

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