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CCTV Camera installation


CCTV camera installation is the service that we are known for. We at ITEnabled Services having experienced CCTV camera installer who can suggest you the best available CCTV Camera for Home or office based on your need and site visit. Along with that CCTV Camera Installer can also suggest the latest trends in the CCTV market at an affordable rate. We are one of the best CCTV Camera Service provider in Delhi NCR with vast knowledge CCTV camera installation.

furthermore CCTV camera installation is used enormously at most of the places like CCTV Camera for Home or office to gain the next and latest level of security from unauthorized intrusion. even public places like bus depot, airports, railway stations & malls also start using CCTV camera installation as their main security tool to secure their premises. now because of the enormous use CCTV Camera weather, it is CCTV Camera for Home or office price of CCTV Camera set are decreased drastically, which is why individuals now prefer CCTV camera installation to protect their belongings from outsiders. With the advancement of technology, an individual can watch CCTV Cameras on mobile using the internet no matter where he is or whatever he is doing. They can check live video footage of CCTV Cameras on mobile.

We at ITEnabed Sevices primarily focuses on CCTV camera installation which includes CCTV Camera for Home, office, garages, schools etc.we have large numbers of CCTV camera installer who are able to customize your CCTV Camera requirements on the basis of your need and suggests you the best available and affordable security systems .we at ITEnabled Services always tries to offer reliable, latest product and services to our customers with lowest possible rates. Now a day’s selecting CCTV Camera for Home is not a simple task because now we have lots of model and specifications available in the market and selecting best CCTV Camera Set is a hectic job to do so. So here comes the ITEnabled Services which help you to select the best available model. As we have stated, there are various model and technologies available in the market which is listed below:

Analog CCTV Camera Set

Analog CCTV Camera Set uses an analog video signal (CVBS) to capture the camera video footage. Analog cameras are directly connected to the surveillance DVR using co-axial cable


  • Lower cost
  • Flexibility to choose from various available model and designs
  • Superior compatibility with mix cameras


  • Lower cost
  • Flexibility to choose from various available model and designs
  • Superior compatibility with mix cameras

IP CCTV Camera Set

IP CCTV Camera Set also is known as Digital CCTV Camera are latest in surveillance technology which in resultant gives higher resolution with high-quality video quality which allows facial recognition, number place recognition and optical zoom to 100 ft or more.


  • Better video quality
  • More secure video transmission
  • Can utilize existing network wiring
  • Remote access is easier


  • IP CCTV Camera Set price is higher than analog technology
  • Higher bandwidth needed

Wired CCTV Camera Set

Wired CCTV camera installation is mostly used in larger properties and even CCTV Camera for Home because of lower cost. Here CCTV Camera is directly connected to the DVR/NVR using wire which may be co-axial for analog and cat 6 for IP Camera Set.


  • Reliability
  • Supports large properties


  • hectic installation process

Wireless CCTV Camera Set

Wireless CCTV camera installation is the great alternative of wired CCTV camera installation and eliminates the main drawback of wired CCTV camera installation i.e. Installation of this CCTV Camera Set, there is no need to run the wire from CCTV Camera to DVR/NVR. Because most wireless CCTV Camera Set stored their video footage in memory card which is installed in it.


  • Easier to install
  • No wiring needed
  • Easy to watch on mobiles


  • Unreliable due to wireless signal interference
  • Limited Uses

So here you need to analyze which is better for you before CCTV camera installation . Hence if you have a large property to secure than wired CCTV camera installation should be preferred and if you have some in house surveillance requirement like 1-4 cameras than wireless CCTV Camera Set should be preferred.
Some different types of CCTV Cameras are 

Dome Camera

Dome CCTV Camera Set got their name because of their circular dome shape .although dome cameras can be used both indoor and outdoor because of their wide-angle coverage. The main benefit of dome CCTV Camera Set is that one can’t determine which direction the camera’s lens is hence unable to decide the view angle of the camera. Some features are night vision, digital zoom, color video footage in the night, weatherproof.

Bullet Camera

Bullet Cameras got their name by the cylindrical shape which looks like a bullet shell. Bullet cameras are more visible to the outsiders than dome cameras, hence makes the property less desirable target among intruders. These types of CCTV Cameras are installed in places where one has to capture larger space such as parking lot, a bigger house can be fit into this camera to increase the visibility to the next level.

PTZ Camera

PTZ CCTV camera set got their name because of their functionality of PAN TILT ZOOM. Which signifies that the camera can be panned to 360’ circle. also can be tilt to 180” and zoom facility which actually used optical zoom for a clearer view of an object.Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras is specifically designed where it is required to move the camera left or right, up and down and even lens can be optically zoomed on a particular object which is operated automatically. These types of cameras are little bit tougher than previous but CCTV Camera Installer can do it for you.

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