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Boom Barrier Installation

Boom Barrier Installation

we at itenabled services has dedicated staff for Boom Barrier Installation and Maintenance.also we are capable of Manual Boom Barrier as well as Electrical Boom Barrier Installation and Maintenance.above all these Boom Barriers are used for variety of check points for security purpose.this can be very hand full in traffic management and most importantly used for controlling entry and exit of vehicles in any premises   whether it is home, office or residential complex.

these boom barriers provides easy and smooth controlling of traffic .these Boom Barrier came with different sizes and which Boom Barrier is suitable for you can be decided after scheduling site visit of staff of ITEnabled Services.furthermore Boom Barriers can associate them selves with different access control system such as card access etc.

Manual Boom Barrier

Manual Boom Barrier Installation

Manual Boom Barrier are easy to operate and cost effective.even no vice user can operate this Boom Barrier without any prior knowledge.assembly of these Boom Barrier is very easy and can be customized depending upon the need.

Electrical Boom Barrier Installation

Electrical Boom Barrier Installation

likewise Manual Boom Barrier,Electrical Boom Barrier is more advance.these Boom Barrier can be operated electrically or automatically.the functionality of these Boom Barriers can be optimized by associating with some other security access devices such as Access Control System.

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